Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd.

Langma School of Foreign Languages Pvt. Ltd. (LSOL)

At Langma, we deliver quality by analyzing the learner level and work on four parameters i.e Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Our expert trainers work upon MTI influence, vocabulary, grammar, thought process, building up confidence.

We here at Langma yield to our corporate clients as well as to our under graduates and graduate students, confidence and art of communication demanded in corporate and scholastic arenas, and elsewhere. Moreover, we are dutiful towards our pupils to polish their natural instincts and on need inculcate in them aptness, know-how abilities and complaisance so they may easily read the situations and get to work in real no time.

In corroboration to above, our modules are designed in such a way that enables and empowers in our students team - play, organization skill and pressure handling and we instill in them optimism and foster them to be real time workaholics. Needless to say, such behavior of traits is much in demand at every organization whether governmental or non - governmental.

However, these are trained to student's vivisections, illustrations and theory sessions by our indigenous pedagogues who are savvy enough and carry loads of experience in their respective fields.

Our company was created with a vision to attain global leadership foreign language training. We are marching towards our goal in this global competitive environment following the path of ethics, value and dedication. We are very proud to mention that we are in training of every foreign language. We are the first company to foray into foreign language training.

Best quality training is the only success formula that can us far in this competitive market. Langma has an enormous capacity to to change. We take great pride in the expertise of our trainers. They are qualified and have several years of teaching experience, ongoing training them up to date with the latest and best teaching techniques. This is the key factors in its growth.

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Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd.
Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd.
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