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LanAgent Standard Now Features Uninterruptible User Activity Monitoring

Network Profi announces a new version of its acclaimed LanAgent Standard product.

The new release of this employee monitoring and activity tracking solution features an advanced mechanism of self-consistency control, allowing the program to restart its services, automatically providing even more reliable operation.

LanAgent is a true Swiss knife of computer activity monitoring software. The program controls running applications and blocks unwanted ones, records user activity, registers visited websites and intercepts messages sent through IM software including Skype and ICQ. Combining functions of a key logger, time tracker, and employee monitor, the tool encompasses almost everything a typical company needs to control whether its employees do what they are supposed to do, as well as to prevent leaks of confidential information.

The new version of the program eliminates a typical drawback many employee tracking tools have. Indeed, the pages visited, keys pressed and documents opened are only recorded as long as the agent of a surveillance program is still running. If the service is stopped however, a user is free to do anything unmonitored. Needles to say, work efficiency will suffer.

LanAgent Standard 4.3.15 now features an advanced self-consistency control system that keeps track of all required services running and automatically restarts any of them as soon as it finds they are stopped. And as long as monitoring processes are running, the program is 100% reliable in gathering usage statistics or tracking USB devices plugged in, as well as performing all other tracking functions it has.

The new release also fixes a number of report issues providing more accurate in-depth software usage reports, and provides some minor changes in the application launch prevention module to ensure no gaming software is running on a computer during working hours.

Pricing and availability

LanAgent Standard 4.3.15 supports all Windows operating systems from XP to 8. The prices start from $49.90 for a license for 2 to 10 computers. The Enterprise version of the program is available, too.


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Network Profi started software development in 2005 as a small privately-owned company. The company developed a number of network monitoring and computer surveillance products including the flagship - LanAgent.


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