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Laminate Tube Has A Bright Future

In recent years, traditional metal or glass containers and jars in cosmetics industry are gradually replaced by Laminate tube packaging

In recent years, traditional metal or glass containers and jars in cosmetics industry are gradually replaced by Laminate tube packaging, the reason we found is plastic tube has the advantages as below:

1. Plastic tubes are convenient to use and healthy. They also have a colorful, outstanding and beautiful appearance. Now, plastic tubes are widely used in cream cosmetics packaging such as cleanser, body lotion, hair conditioner, hair dying, toothpaste and other products packaging in cosmetics industry. They are also used in pharmaceutical industry, like some packaging of cream, ointment topical medicines.

2. Plastic tube packaging is economical, and easy to carry. It can keep intact and maintain a good appearance even under high-intensity body pressure.

The research data shows that 60% to 70% of the tubes were used in cosmetics industry, 10% to 15% of tubes were used in pharmaceutical industry, while around 5% were used in food industry.

Why tube packaging becomes so popular?

Squeeze tube packaging used widely because of its easy-to-take, versatile, easy to place reasonable specialty packaging solutions to become a wide variety of products that choice, especially personal care products industry has become a long-term preference for packaging. Today, consumers have loved to tube those presented in the form of various types of trendy skin care products.

In order to meet market expectations, cosmetic tube packaging suppliers keep trying to broaden its product category, and at the same time focus on improving innovative design, extension, packing size, etc, making the common tube packaging to a new level. With the continuous improvement of the delicacy of the tube package, more personal care companies have started to notice that the steering tube packaging from other packaging is able to get a lot of benefits.

Tube packaging is indeed a good choice, some famous brands have changed their ideas from traditional packaging to tube packaging due to it makes the products immediately apparent efficacy.

Plastic tube packaging industry has been working to develop a kind of product that can not only protect the quality of cosmetics, but also has innovative and luxurious appearance.

Now the multi-layer composite plastic technology can meet these two requirements at the same time. Tube packaging manufacturers combine the multiple layers of different types of plastic together in one time.

With a plastic multi-layer technology, plastic tube packaging can be completely isolated from light or air, to avoid the oxidation of skin care products, and secondly, the product can have a fantastic visuals effect and unique touching feeling by blended with different types of materials.

At present the most popular lotion packaging is tube packaging or bottles. Plastic tube packaging was the medium-grade product packaging 15 years ago, but now even the most famous brands have begun to use it. Plastic tube packaging is economical, convenient and easy to carry, very suitable to accommodate lotion and gel.

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