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Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear Expands International Distribution In The Japanese Market

Designer and luxury swimwear brand, Lady Lux® is now expanding distribution in Ichikawa, Chiba Japan.

Designer and luxury swimwear brand, Lady Lux® is now expanding distribution in Ichikawa, Chiba Japan. Lady Lux® Swimwear will be featuring its designer swimwear styles through Japan based distributor Big Fish Story Inc.

Big Fish Story Inc. is a premier apparel fashion retailer that offers imported luxury swimwear styles from Colombia, United States, Europe, and other regions. This fast and easy way to sell Lady Lux® Swimwear styles in Japan opens the door to customers looking for the top designer swimwear brands. Upholding its expertise in luxury swimwear, by expanding distribution to Japan, Lady Lux® Swimwear is able to reach a wider market internationally.

Lady Lux® Swimwear currently offers its luxury swimwear line to retailers in the United States as well as internationally to companies in Australia, Bulgaria, Caribbean, Haiti, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates. As one of the leading companies in designer swimwear, Lady Lux® prides itself in producing luxury swimwear designed specifically to fit each women's unique style. With imported fabrics and elegant embellishments, each piece is crafted to ensure a stunning silhouette.

Lady Lux® Swimwear is currently sold nationally within the United States and has been featured in top magazines such as People Style Watch, OK! Magazine, and Muscle & Fitness. Through its vast amount of social media sites, Lady Lux® has made a huge presence within the public. With Lady Lux® Swimwear's increasing expansion to various clienteles, the company is underway with its worldwide expansion.

Lady Lux® Swimwear

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