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Lady Lux® Designer Swimwear Partners with MGM International Luxury Resorts for Distribution in Las Vegas Nevada

The Lady Lux® Luxury Swimwear Brand Expands Distribution in Las Vegas Nevada With Retail Giant MGM International Resorts.

This year, Lady Lux® Swimwear, a swimwear line specializing in designer swimsuits and luxury beachwear, is announcing their expansion into Las Vegas, Nevada through their partnership with MGM International Resorts. The swimwear and apparel line will now be featured in the MGM Grand Hotel as well as Pearl Moon in Mandalay Bay Hotel. Both resorts are big names on the Las Vegas strip and with over 30 million visitors annually, Las Vegas is expected to be a successful retail location for the Lady Lux® brand.

Lady Lux® Swimwear line was also recently picked up by Molly Brown's, a major online and storefront swimwear retailer that specializes in high-end swimwear and beachwear. Molly Brown's Swimwear will feature the Lady Lux® brand in their Las Vegas retail store, which is located in the new Cosmopolitan Luxury Hotel and Casino. Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife and casinos but also for the day clubs and pool parties that take place during the Spring and Summer months, which makes Las Vegas a major retail location for swimwear brands like Lady Lux®.

Lady Lux® Swimwear was created in 2007 by designer Christina Hanna to be a leading luxury designer swimwear brand. The current collection has expanded to include not only swimwear, but apparel as well. With continuing press in various media outlets, celbrities and recent expansion into major swimwear retailers, the Lady Lux® brand is expected to gain even more editorial and celebrity attention this year.

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