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Labelservice Sees Increase In Food Label Orders

Labelservice is now seeing a significant increase in the number of food label orders following the recent changes in the Food Information Regulations.

For those who have been following the recent developments regarding product labelling as part of the changes in the Food Information Regulations, it should come as no surprise that these mandates are leading to a number of widespread shifts and adjustments in food manufacturers across the UK. Labelservice, a Berkshire-based label creation and supply company, has recently reported a significant increase in sales and patronage following the policy changes related to the Food Information Regulations.

For Labelservice, producing labels that are "up to spec" is nothing new. The company has worked with numerous organisations across the UK both inside and outside of the food industry throughout its operational history and has crafted bespoke labels that meet the highest standards of professionalism and quality. Products created by Labelservice can be seen in retail settings throughout the United Kingdom.

Although the new labelling requirements espoused by the Food Standards Agency do not become mandatory until 2016, a large number of companies have proven themselves to be quite ambitious, initiating the mandated changes well before the declared deadline. It is interesting to note that the "details" of the Food Information Regulations vary slightly by country. In England, the Food Standards Agency is collaborating with food authorities across the country while continuing to oversee the majority of food safety aspects. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, the FSA has assumed complete authority for the complete spectrum of tasks and responsibilities related to food labelling and nutritional labelling.

In response to the increased demands for food information labels, Gary Lovell, Director of Labelservice, stated, "We are inundated with orders from all types of companies that need to label food products.

Not only are we producing the labels they require, we are advising and consulting on the finer details of the new Food Information Regulations for companies who may need additional assistance. Our customers know that we produce high quality labels and great designs, and that we are able to provide everyone with professional consultancy when needed."

As the FSA's Food Information Regulations deadline continues to approach, the leading minds at Labelservice are confident that their business will continue to expand. Ultimately, these policy shifts could prove to be a defining moment for a company that has already proven itself to be one of the most trusted and respected label manufacturers in the UK and is poised to claim dominance in this arena.

Labelservice provides customised labels for UK companies across a wide range of industries. Their official website is

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