Kuisiware Offers $15 Off Introductory Price of Oven Gloves Sold on Amazon

The PRS15OFF discount coupon code for Kuisiware Oven Gloves is valid until January 29th.

Kitchen connoisseurs will have another reason to delight in their kitchen adventures. Kuisiware, a new kitchen products specialist, is offering its top quality gloves proven to resist to fire and heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. The new improved kitchen gloves is ideal for cooking, grilling, fireplace, as pot holders or oven mitts, and is equally perfect for oven, grill and barbecue.

As a top-quality glove, the pair gives every kitchen expert the best protection and comfort - and Kuisiware is making the deal even better with a special discount for customers on Amazon. Until January 29th, buyers will get $15 discount using PRS15OFF Coupon Code which must be entered at checkout.

Notably, the newly launched Kuisiware gloves are the best heat resistant gloves, which means they will not catch on fire, burn or melt. As such, the product can provide outstanding heat and fire protection for users. Moreover, the pair comes with five fingers silicone flexi-grip design and double-sided silicone coating for increased flexibility, dexterity and greater grip on any non-greasy surface. Because comfort in the kitchen is king, the gloves are made of 100% cotton lining with special Aramid fiber construction, making it comfortable and breathable while reducing hand sweating.

"I bought these gloves for the oven because I was tired of burning my hands," shares Kim, a Kuisiware buyer at Amazon. "I have tried several other oven mitts and no matter how thick they seemed, I always got burned, but not with these heat resistant gloves! They were not itchy or uncomfortable at all. I'm happy with my purchase and recommend these to anyone that is tired of burning their hands in the kitchen!"

Buyers of the discounted Kuisiware oven gloves will also enjoy the Lifetime Free Replacement guarantee offered by the company.

To find out more about the grill gloves from Kuisiware sold at $15 off, please visit http://www.kuisiware.com for information and orders.

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