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Korean Ginseng Corp. Releases Two New Products At The Natural Products Expo West In Anaheim, CA

KGC drew tremendous crowds to their Expo West Booth with the unveiling of the new product releases. No doubt the competition was on hand to see what all the fuss was about.

The Natural Products Expo West was an excellent venue for the release of two new products by The Korean Ginseng Corporation. This is a major nutritional industry event, and was attended by all of the major players in this huge nutritional-supplement market. The Korean Ginseng Corporation has a hundred year legacy as the undisputed leader in Korean Red Ginseng.

KGC released "G-Shot", (www.kgcus.com/New-Arrivals/),which is a premium Ginseng Energy Drink. This new item contains 1,000mg of fully mature, 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng, along with 7 powerful, all-natural herbs. It is available in two versions, with an all-natural caffeine source, and caffeine free. The G-Shot Herbal Formula is caffeine-free, and supports health and stamina. The formula includes: Vitamin C, Ginger, Schizandra Berry, Jujube Fruit, Astragalus, Grapefruit Seed, Agave and Goji Berry.

The company reports that the all new G-Shot Energy Formula,(www.kgcus.com/Energy_Shot_Drink/), is formulated to support the immune system, memory functions, energy, stamina, and blood circulation. The formula has ingredients such as: 1,000mg of fully mature, 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng, 40mg of Natural Caffeine via Guarana, B-Vitamin Complex, Maca, Hovenia Fruit, Grapefruit, Agave, L-Carnitine, and L-Arginine.

KGC also introduced a product that drew a large crowd to their Expo West Booth, it is a "Premium Ginseng Powdered Tea Supplement. (www.kgcus.com/New-Arrivals/),It's available in four potent versions, and all contain the pure Korean Red Ginseng that has become the world's standard. They all come in "stick packets". The KGC Pure Ginseng Premium version is formulated to support the immune system, memory functions, and healthy blood circulation, while giving a caffeine-free stamina boost.

The new KGC Pure Ginseng & Green Tea Formula features clean-grown, tender young green tea leaves which naturally contain EGCG, which is known to support healthy weight-loss. It is pure-water extracted, powdered, and combined with the highest quality Korean Red Ginseng for energy and stamina support. KGC also included a Pure Ginseng & Black Tea formulation which contains a fragrant, naturally floral, delicious Ceylon Uva Tea.

For all those folks new to Ginseng, KGC Pure Ginseng Balance provides a slightly sweeter, more delicate flavor with all the same functional benefits of their 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng.

Visit their website for full details: http://www.kgcus.com/home.php

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