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KonaKart 7.1 Released Today

KonaKart is the high-end low-cost java-based eCommerce system. Used successfully around the world by top companies who recognise the lowest cost of ownership in its class

DS Data Systems UK Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of KonaKart v7.1.0.0, a java-based enterprise eCommerce shopping cart application that provides an extensive set of features to enable retailers to successfully sell their products over the internet.

KonaKart is a Java / JSP / XML based solution with comprehensive easy to use java, SOAP, RMI, JSON and JavaScript APIs that allow you to quickly integrate eCommerce functionality into your existing systems. The customizable parts of KonaKart are Open Source and available under the GNU LGPL.

Highlights of the new v7.1.0.0 release include a mobile storefront and multi-vendor support (in addition to multi-store) which allows an order to be split up into multiple parts for each vendor.

The new version includes many other new features as well as some bug fixes. The new features include:

A Struts-2 version of the new KonaKart storefront for deployment in Liferay.

Introduction of the CKEditor 4.1 for advanced editing in the Administration Application.

Sitemap generation.

New Scheduler panel that allows you to run and monitor batch jobs from the Administration Application.

New Importer Panel for custom import routines.

The Community Edition of KonaKart is free and can be downloaded directly from the KonaKart web site. An Enterprise Extensions package is also available by contacting sales@konakart.com . Professional support and consultancy are available for all versions of KonaKart.

KonaKart may be used directly by online retailers, but is also intended for solution providers, ISPs and for OEM usage. A partner program is available for companies that can offer integration and professional services around the product.

Visit the KonaKart web site at http://www.konakart.com for customer references, live demos, videos, free downloads and full pricing details for the product and support packages.

Companies using KonaKart successfully include Volkswagen, Tesco Mobile, Sony, Telefonica, Leroy Merlin, Audi, Sotheby's, Finnair, Parago, Fortinet, Globus, Santillana, TruServ, The Vatican, GM, Cancer Research, Apollo Global, Open University, TWE, TNT, RACV, CAA and many others throughout the world.

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