Know-how of Forex Trend: It Is Opened the World's First VIP Club of Partner Agents on the Forex Market

If you want to live well, and so that, that "good" does not end, you must make some effort nurtured by any economic winds inflexible desire to achieve financial independence.

The worst is when good ends.

Igor Karpov

Assuming their aphorism above, since the beginning of this year, life in the CIS countries has been exacerbated by "the worst". Not for everyone, of course, but for the majority of the population it is a fact. Nevertheless, each of us affects the fact if the "good" in his life ends or continues.

And what is good and what is bad, under Mayakovski, is known even to children. Ideally. But there are shades of gray, mixing good with the bad in a porridge that you can not eat without an "ax". Especially, when it deals with finance, and in everyday life, it is concerned with them. Often it is very painful for the average family budget. Yes there families, even celibates, suffering from a shortage of funds eaten up by inflation and devaluation. And then I want to live beautifully...

To live well and beautifully can everyone.

If you want to live well, and so that, that "good" does not end, you must make some effort nurtured by any economic winds inflexible desire to achieve financial independence. And despite the fact that even the most distant from the world of finance person can today, in spite of everything, become successful and not depend on wages, rigid work schedules, pressure, threats of chief hardship premium, etc.

This option (and for quite some time) has been successfully used by thousands of customers of the best Forex Broker of the World in 2013 - Forex Trend. And for different activities: from direct Forex trading , investing in the most profitable industry in the PAMM accounts and revolutionary PAMM indexes to obtain passive profits even without trading or investing .

And how can you get a lot of stability and, not being a trader or investor, know hundreds of Forex Trend clients around the world, especially in Russia , Ukraine and Belarus, countries where the company has been implementing an effective program of financial assistance to the population for a long time. Take at least the already mentioned PAMM indices or unparalleled project "Investment Advisor", the largest competition of Governors PAMM "Million in skilled hands ," not to mention the unique affiliate programs of Forex Broker with whom work of show business stars and famous Olympic champions, many large private and corporate investors.

It is not surprising that the company Forex Trend also active legendary traders Forex ( Paul Svantsev, Veronica Tarasova) whose PAMM accumulated tens of millions of Dollars of investor funds, increasing them consistently. In general, with a company anyone can earn, even those who do not want or can not trade or invest on their own.

In the latter case, the possibility of obtaining solid profits is realized by the company where you work as an agent. I.e. partner of Forex Trend, the world's best Forex broker attracting of the broker new customers. And the most active agents obtained unprecedented privileges since become members of the industry's first VIP club Forex Trend agents. The fact that the same is the VIP Club best Forex Broker world who and under what conditions may become a party to it, figured analysts of "Masterforex-V World Academy".

VIP Club Forex Trend - new opportunities, new revenue.

"Our company is committed to providing the best opportunity to obtain stable high profits not only for Forex traders and investors, but also for all those who wish to make the financial markets without direct participation on them - said in an interview to "Masterforex-V World Academy" general manager of Forex Trend Andrew Polishevich. - And in this regard, we have recently implemented a number of projects that have helped people to earn additional income only for the fact that they are attracted to the company new customers or talked about our activities on third-party Web sites or in offline mode".

For example, it can be called "The action for automobile owners", "Loyalty Bonus" contests "The best advertising platform " and " Successful IB-partner ", as well as a number of affiliate programs to attract new customers or opening a representative of our company in the region.

We also pay great attention to attracting professional managers to cooperate with the Forex Trend. For each new control that opens a PAMM account with the amount of capital of 20 000 USA Dollars, we pay our agents a bonus of 3% of the amount of capital control. Subsequently, the agent is paid a monthly 3% of the amount by which to increase the capital control.

And with the implementation of a new unique partnership project VIP Club of Forex Trend agents from all payments to our partners increased several times, and also appeared a number of privileges to allow for the agent's activities in a more comfortable environment, extracting even greater profits.

According to Andrew Polishevich, VIP club of Forex Trend agents is a kind of elitist community's best partners receiving new opportunities for new, even more revenue without direct Forex trading or investing in it. For all affiliate programs reward increases as increase your dividends to attract new customers.

Speaking about the partnership payments, it should be noted that within the Club additional agency fees from the company Forex Trend are from 50 to 100 dollars for each active client ( proposer on its investment or trading account is not less than $ 500 ). And that's not counting compensation which have control in their offer, highlights "Masterforex-V World Academy".

Benefits of VIP Club agents.

Among the advantages of VIP club of Forex Trend agents, says Andrei Polishevich can be noted:

- Promotional material for your needs, including banners of custom sizes that are made for you for free by professional designers. Also you can get free promotional materials for the shares outside the Internet, offline. In addition, Forex Trend is sponsoring the site owners of shares - Club members - for those wishing to make their visitors such activities.

- Bonuses for inviting participants to the club. For every new involved participant in the VIP club you will also receive a fee from what earns participant, attracted by you.

- VIP service and personal manager. Execution priority for withdrawal of requests. By ordering withdrawal, VIP- customer will receive it much faster than foreseen regulations of the company. Attaching a personal account manager who will respond at any time and give advice on all your questions.

- Travel Club members at the meeting in exotic countries, where every six months will be summed up with the activities of the Club with awarding of top prizes for participants.

Regarding the definition of the best members of the Club, I note that they are determined on the basis of specialized rankings, which displays on the basis of the monthly amount of the agents involved by them active clients introduced by means of investment or trading account as well as the size of bonuses received by agents. Thus, for example, Andrew Polishevich pays attention to, for February 2014 rating.

How to join VIP club of Forex Trend agents

Anyone can be a club member, says a representative of Forex Trend. Conditions that must be done:

- Sign up on the website of Forex Trend.

- Apply for participation. For those agents who for the past month have attracted new customers, invested in their investment or trading accounts on Forex Trend at least $ 50 000 in total.

- Monthly confirm the status of a member of VIP club. To be member of the club and receive additional compensation in the amount of $ 50 per active client, you need to attract customers each month, the total investment reaches a minimum of 50 000 dollars.

For participants after enrollment to the Club do not reach the minimum volume of attracted investments for the current month, the rate drops to $ 10 for the involved active client. If next month's participant went on a minimum volume, the rate of $ 50 is returned.

Participants who after enrollment to the Club do not attract the minimum amount of $ 50,000 Dollars over the next three months will be excluded from the Club members.

"More detailed information about the rules of participation in the elite VIP Club of Forex Trend agents is contained in the relevant section on the company website. I note that now our club became the new unprecedented opportunity for the efficient operation of all those wishing to obtain stable and high earnings on the Forex market without direct trading or investing. By joining the prosperous members VIP Club, you also ensure your success and material well-being, working with the best Forex Broker in the market "- has summed up Andrew Polishevich.

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