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Klee Associates, Inc. Closes SAP Training Practice to Focus Exclusively on JD Edwards

Klee Associates, Inc., with a decade of experience training SAP project teams, super users, and end users, announced today that they are closing the doors on their SAP practice.

Andy Klee, President of Klee Associates, Inc. explains the rationale: "My personal passion for the last 25 years has been JD Edwards. As a former employee of JDE and as the founder of JDEtips University, and publisher of JDEtips Knowledge Express, it was always difficult to feel the same passion for SAP. Although we experienced some success in the SAP training market, I am confident that our focus needs to be 100% on JD Edwards."

As part of their shut-down of SAP training services, Klee's ERPtips website is now releasing all 28 of their SAP training manuals for sale for a package price of $599. The manuals cover a broad range of SAP modules, based on SAP ECC 6.0.

Klee had concerns about the impact of the sale of the training manuals on the consulting market and initially was hesitant about releasing them; however, he feels there is a need for the wealth of information contained in the manuals and the feedback from their SAP clients finally convinced him it was the right thing to do.

Klee says, "We've received unsolicited testimonials from SAP clients who have acquired the complete set of manuals. Here is one example: 'I had planned to spend $600 on education and training in 2014—I just did not predict this would be the form it would take. A true bargain! I expected to pick up a few small electronic classes on limited topics. This is a much better start to our spending for 2014. We have appreciated the fine job that is done in your training classes and know firsthand the value of the manuals from the ones we already own.' Mary Trombley, Director, SAP, Burrows Paper Corp."

In conclusion, Klee says he is grateful for his experience in the SAP market and the lessons learned there, but is happy to finally be focused on his real passion—serving the JD Edwards community.

To preview chapters of the manuals for yourself, visit http://www.ERPtips.com.

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