Kitty, Bunny and Dog Escaped from the Famous Pet Salon Games and Now Are on the Loose in the Three Animal Cartoon Live Wallpapers

After the success of the three animal games featuring Kitty cat, Bunny rabbit and Puppy dog, Peaksel LLC decided to take these animals out of the games and put them into three separate cartoon live wallpapers.

Peaksel LLC has just launched three animal live wallpapers and those are Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper, Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper and Dog Live Wallpaper. All the three of these animated wallpapers are available on the Google Play market for free download and on the Amazon Marketplace there is a paid version that is ads-free.

These are not the first live wallpapers that Peaksel Company has produced. Actually, the company's begging was with different live and animated wallpapers that helped them achieve the breakthrough on the already jammed marketplace.

"Every single wallpaper that we've made was because we wanted something cool for our Androids first and then for the whole world. When we noticed positive reactions to our work, we just continued in the same direction", said Djordje, company's manager in chief. " The reason why we have decided to start with animal live wallpapers is that no one can resist the cuteness of these animals and they look really charming on the smartphone and tablet screens", he added.

All of the three live wallpapers are available on the Google Play, so anyone who is an animal lover can try them without any regrets because it is a free app and the animals are cartoon-like. Kitty cat live wallpaper offers five different cats and five different backgrounds, whereas the cat is blinking and meowing. Bunny Rabbit has six different bunnies and five different backgrounds, one of which is a carrot garden. Dog live wallpaper offers the biggest choice, because it has four different dog breeds - poodle, bulldog, beagle and Chihuahua - and each dog has two different outfit combinations. Plus, the six backgrounds, the number of possible combinations is huge.

These live wallpapers can be suitable for toddlers, kids and adults. And if someone has already tried the animal games from which these animals had escaped, then that person will most likely enjoy these live wallpapers as well.

Links to download live wallpapers: - Kitty Cat - Bunny Rabbit - Puppy Dog

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