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Kit Chambers, South Australian Artist, Offers Opportunity to Become Part of Team and Vision

Kit Chambers, an Australian artist famous for his Ultra Modern Paintings, is inviting every talented and hardworking people with a keen interest in the arts to assist in his ever-growing passion and business.

Kit Chambers, South Australian artist, has opened his doors for interested individuals who find fulfillment in working for and in the name of art. The pride of Southern Australia, Mr. Chambers is gearing up for his next painting exhibition tentatively in 2015, and this time, in his very own studio.

"Now is the time for creative candidates to turn their hobbies into profession while altogether preserving the quality of their work." says Kit Chambers.

Kit Chambers is an artistic creator who indulges art lovers into his Ultra Modern Paintings driven and inspired by his love for literacy. Born in 1983, he had discovered his fascination over airbrushing and his expertise in it. To hone this interest in painting, he decided to take a degree in the South Australian School of Art.

While already enjoying years of popularity within art and artist circles for his Ultra Modern panting style, Mr. Chambers launched his first solo art exhibition in September 2013. For three weeks, art enthusiasts and fans flocked to see his works at Goolwa's Signal Point to see his works. Over the years, Kit Chambers Exhibit events have been held, each of which with new paintings that never fail to wow the audience.

As Mr. Chambers starts to further establish himself as an artist, it is only fitting that he does every aspect of the preparations for his studio's grand launch come 2015. He knows there is much to be done, and is now looking for reliable people who are passionate about making art or art as an industry to provide him with much needed assistance.

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