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Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics have a wonderful clearance line exclusively available to customers.

Whilst most people think of spring as a time to plant new seeds, and gather plants for sowing, there are in fact a multitude of plants and seeds which can be sown now, with the cold creeping in, and they will all grow quite successfully. These plants are, of course, a little more high maintenance than spring grown vegetables, yet they are a lot hardier. Which is why Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics has a special offer on many of their grow bags, especially for their retail customers. Getting grow bags in can benefit people whom have limited garden or allotment space, or those who simply wish to keep a better eye on their growing winter vegetables.

Garlic is a very hardy winter plant, perfect for planting in November. Grow bags mean a gardener can keep their eye on how their garlic is doing. For some people, a grow bag is a perfect solution, being able to put it up on the decking or somewhere close to home, and moving it to a shed when colder weather sets in. grow bags are versatile, basically allowing a gardener to put their plants wherever they want or need them as the weather changes.

Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics highly value all of their customers, and as such want to provide excellent prices for all their products. Which is why their clearance line is such a hit, with all retailers whom choose Kingfisher as their stockist. Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics have plenty of years' experience, which means they are more than capable of providing retailers across the United Kingdom with many wonderful products perfect for every home.

From gardening grow bags to wellingtons, Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics clearance line is always being changed and filled with new products. It is worth every Kingfisher customer keeping an eye out on such wonderful deals.

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