KinderMender Walk-In Pediatric Center Announces New Location in Laurel

KinderMender Walk-In Pediatric Center has announced that it will open a new location in Laurel.

KinderMender Walk-In Pediatric Center has announced that it will open a new location in Laurel, MD.

The new office, which will be open in early February 2013, will be located at 805 Washington Blvd, Laurel, MD. The facility will house six urgent care/sick care rooms, with a medication dispensary and a state of the art x-ray machine on site, and three segregated "well child" rooms, which will prevent the spread of infection. Like the current Columbia location, the Laurel location will also provide walk-in services for all sick visits, as well as check-up services and vaccinations.

The facility will also feature large, child-friendly decorations, an open layout with a play room, a wall-mounted train, and a bilingual staff that speaks English and Spanish.

"With the amount of patients we have coming in from Laurel, this new location is an obvious solution to fill the gap in pediatric care, both urgent and routine," said Dr. Keyvan Rafei, the Medical Director and founder of KinderMender. "We are excited to provide Laurel residents with a more accessible option."

Currently, KinderMender's Columbia location is a full-service pediatric center that provides x-ray and lab services for the treatment of many non-life threatening childhood problems, including minor injuries, minor infections, respiratory problems, and skin issues. KinderMender also provides scheduled check-ups and vaccinations.

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