KEYMILE Presents New Generation of LineRunner SCADA NG

KEYMILE has enhanced its modular LineRunner SCADA NG transmission system for mission critical systems. New features include line interfaces for transmitting via 4-wire SHDSL and optical fibre with SFPs.

KEYMILE's LineRunner SCADA NG is a modular transmission system for reliable and secure data transmission in telecontrol and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) networks. Mission-critical networks belonging to energy suppliers and railway companies are just some of the areas it's used in. Network operators can fit it with different line interfaces, allowing flexibility with regard to the transmission medium. A new basic module now offers an SHSL interface for 4-wire transmission to ITU-T 991.2 standard. In order to obtain greater transmission range, maintain an equally high transfer rate but economise on a repeater, two line interfaces can be combined to form a logical transmission path. There are various different interfaces for transmission via optical fibre that differ in terms of bandwidth and transmission range. A new line interface now enables the use of SFPs. Furthermore, energy suppliers and railways companies can also transmit data with an E1 interface via an SDH/PDH network.

LineRunner SCADA NG is applied if accurate data transmission is required in tough ambient conditions and where space is limited. Therefore the transmission system needs to be able to function outdoors and operate extremely reliably and safely in tough climates. Network operators can use it in a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. Due to its low voltage and power consumption LineRunner SCADA NG is also ideal for solar plants. In addition to the user interface, each LineRunner SCADA NG has two line interfaces. Furthermore it functions as a repeater and media converter.

Similarly to public telecommunications networks, Ethernet/IP is also becoming more important in telecontrol and SCADA networks. Due to the rising frequency of these protocols, Ethernet/IP data also increasingly has to be transmitted in these networks in addition to serial data. Therefore, the transmission system should support both options in order to ensure seamless transmission. LineRunner SCADA NG and the associated equipment turn the system into a compact, flexible and reliable transmission solution. Due to the ASMOS management system which runs on Windows 7, LineRunner SCADA NG is easy and reliable to configure and manage.

The new generation of LineRunner SCADA NG is available now.

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