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Key West Tops Destination Wedding Locale

A recent survey of brides and grooms-to-be and professional Wedding Planners has revealed that the once top spot, Hawaii, has fallen to the tiny island of Key West, Florida as the number one choice for Island weddings.

With Valentine's Day always just around the corner, love and romance is on the minds of many people around the world. More couples become engaged to be married on February 14th than any other day of the year. Once engaged, then hundreds of decisions must be made. The number one question on the minds of recently engaged couples is where they will have the wedding.

A private study was conducted in 2013 revealing that when there is a viable option of an island wedding, the island of choice is Key West, Florida. Destination weddings have become very trendy among upwardly mobile executives and professionals in their early to mid 30's along side the more established ranks of fifty-somethings.

While the survey showed that the younger set felt that a destination wedding or an island wedding was outside their realm of possibility, of those questioned, over 65% of people under 25 years old considered an island ceremony to be a "dream" destination wedding.

"I would love to go to Key West for our wedding," commented Brandee H. of Minneapolis, MN and 23 year old bride-to-be,. "But financially it's just not possible. How would all of our friends get there?"

Those surveyed, when questioned why the formerly number one choice, the Hawaiian Islands, wasn't the first choice, an overwhelming percentage responded that the travel and the general cost of holding such an event in Hawaii was prohibitive.

"Hawaii is a beautiful place, but to throw a big party like a wedding can be very costly," said Thelma B., 32, of Wichita, KS. "Key West is much easier to get to and doesn't have the inflated cost of everything like Hawaii. It's the perfect paradise for my wedding!"

With a plethora of scenic beaches, elegant Key West restaurants and historical Inns, the tiny island city that marks the utmost southern point of the United States has become the number one destination wedding location for more American couples than any other island. Due to cost savings and logistics, the state of Florida lays claim on yet another top vacation destination.

For more information on Key West, Florida and island wedding venues visit the website: and/or

JD Arbuckle is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer education on a variety of topics including Florida and destination weddings.

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