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Kenya Business Setup: Highlights

With strong know-how and experience in this region, Healy Consultants optimize Client cost with no requirement for personal travel.

Singapore-based Healy Consultants proves efficient and reliable partner for entrepreneurs wanting to incorporate in Kenya. With strong know-how and experience in this region, Healy Consultants optimize Client cost with no requirement for personal travel.

Companies incorporated in Kenya meet favorable Government requirements. Limited liability companies are the most common entities established in this country and there is no minimum requirement for issued share capital. International investments are well received and currently it is possible to form a 100% foreign owned company. Additionally, business setups are required a minimum of two directors and two shareholders with six weeks incorporation period, with the former being a standard incorporation timeframe in African jurisdictions.

Tax rules imposed on both resident and non-resident companies levy 30% corporate income tax. However, newly listed companies enjoy reduced rate of 20 to 27% for up to 5 years, following the year of listing. Recently, there were no taxes on capital gains, but recently a form of tax on transfer of shares was presented with 10% rate for resident and 20% rate on non-resident companies. Tax losses can be carried forward for four years, but can be extended by an application. Withholding tax for dividends and royalties paid to Kenyan residents are levied at 5%, while for non-residents the rates are 10% and 20%, respectfully. VAT is imposed on the supply of goods and services with flat rate of 16%, unless a company is incorporated within one of the seven Export Processing Zones, where a company is VAT exempt.

About Kenya's Regional Strengths

Incorporating in Kenya offers entrepreneurs easy reach to all African markets. Nairobi is conveniently located transport hub and the Port of Mombasa is the biggestseaport in the region. Consequently, executives enjoy high quality infrastructure in all means of transportation. The country is a member of several regional trade blocs, including the Common market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the East African Community (EAC). With the latter, Kenya has established customs union, with zero duty and tariff trade between members. -more- Doing business is generally straightforward with all documents available in English and easy reach to company credit, as Kenya is ranked 12th easiest country to obtain credit in the Ease of Doing Business report for 2013. Furthermore, Kenya offers cheap labour, utilities and top-class office space for a mere US$11 per square meter.

Healy Consultants believes Kenya company incorporation is a cost-efficient and viable option for entrepreneurs wishing to set foot and expand in Africa.

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Healy Consultants provide a full range of professional services, which include the following:

• Offshore financial services
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• Corporate finance
• Business start up services
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Healy Consultants are professionals who offer quality services, which perfectly match the needs of our highly sophisticated clients. We are also proud of the fact that our services are affordable and accessible by our most modest customers.

Our clients have access to an excellent range of quality products and services. We come with rich experience and a global presence, resulting in unique market awareness beneficial to your firm in more ways than one.

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