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Kent Sayre Announces Launch of New Self Help Video

Kent Sayre's New YouTube channel is a great way to share Kent's expertise in NLP and hypnosis techniques. Kent Sayre shares his quick tip self-help videos to help you feel great and move forward in life.

Kent Sayre, the mastermind behind the How-To and Style category videos has been featured on YouTube for his amazing work on personality development and positive attitude towards life.

Kent Sayre is the famous author of the book "Unstoppable Confidence". He is America's favorite and famous hypnotist, and a certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer.

Two things that every person wants in life are, self confidence and motivation. With these qualities you can be sure to achieve what you want in life. Not many are lucky to get good advice and motivation from others at all times. Kent Sayre is doing a great job of lighting this spark in us.

You might be wondering, what is so special about Kent's videos? These create a life changing, hypnotic effect on the audience. Kent Sayre has featured 2 YouTube videos, "The Only Thing That Stops Us From Moving Forward In Life" and "A Quick, Proven Way To Feel Great Fast" a few months back. In both the videos, Kent Sayre highlights the positive outlook of life and the way you need to approach the difficult moments of life with a positive attitude and self confidence.

Kent Sayre highlights his 2 major principles in these videos.
Firstly, "The only thing that stops us from getting what we want in life is the story we tell ourselves about why we can't or don't have it."
Secondly, "How to feel absolutely phenomenal is to find someone who is worse off than you and go and help them."

This is not the end. Watch out for more motivational video previews on Kent Sayre YouTube channel at

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