Kelly Corsino's Video "Beautiful" Chosen As Finalist

"Beautiful", the music video by Kelly Corsino raising awareness about homelessness, has been chosen as a finalist in the 7th Annual Posi Awards in Orlando, Florida.

Kelly Corsino's music video, "Beautiful", is one of fifteen entries that has been chosen as a finalist for the 7th annual Posi Awards.

The Posi Awards are presented on the third day of the emPOWER Music Festival in Orlando, Florida. emPower is a music and arts community dedicated to creating positive global change through music, writing and the spoken word based in Orlando, Florida. emPower is part of a growing network of organizations that espouse the "New Thought" movement.

15 videos in total were chosen as finalists. Voting is open until Sept. 20th, 2011 on the emPOWERma.com website. Other contestants include Donna Michael, Bob Teesdale, Michael Gott, Arita Trahan, New Dream Studios, Claudia Carawan, David Roth and others.

In July of this year, Southern California singer and songwriter Kelly Corsino, performed at Christ Unity Church in Florida. She was seen there by emPOWER members and was contacted this month (September) by Richard Mekdeci, president and founder of emPOWER.

Ms. Corsino has been involved in music and performance for most of her life. Her parents, Rick and Ginger, started a Top 40 band in the 60's. Kelly began performing with her parents regularly around the age of seven singing songs like 'The Hustle', and other disco favorites of the 70's. When Kelly was in her 20's she started a performance art project called Raven Wylder, and played the Los Angeles club circuit for several years.

Recently her life has taken a spiritual turn, and today she feels that she has found her calling in the "New Thought" music scene.

The music in the video was composed, performed and recorded by Kelly Corsino and Stuart Pearson. The video itself was directed by Kelly as well, featuring hard rendering photography by Joey Lawrence. The video's theme is to raise awareness about the growing homeless problem in the United States of America.

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