Keeping Diabetes in Mind: Monitoring to Live a Healthy Life

A diabetes monitor is vital for enabling those with the condition to keep the symptoms and side effects under control. Healthcare4All provides a full range of diabetes products and can advise on the best choice for you.

In 2013 a staggering 3 million people in Great Britain were diagnosed with diabetes, according to Diabetes UK. With this in mind diabetes products have never been so vital to help those suffering monitor their blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat levels. In these situations a diabetes monitor is crucial to your health and wellbeing to prevent complications that are associated with the condition. Whether you've been diagnosed recently or a long time past, you know that monitoring is important when done by healthcare professionals - but it's vital to monitor at home too.

Monitoring glucose as part of your everyday routine can help with lifestyle choices (and treatment choices) while keeping your hypo symptoms under control and understanding your diabetes better. In turn, this information can be fed back to your healthcare professional team, which will ultimately help with decisions made for your treatment.

Testing your blood glucose levels at home gives an accurate reading at the time of testing. Simply pricking the side of your finger and applying a drop of blood to a testing strip can give you all of the information that you need. There are other, more exhaustive testing devices, such as diabetes monitors that provide you with computer software packages that enable you to test, add results and see patterns in your blood glucose levels. If you're not sure which is best for you, your healthcare professional team can help you pick the best option for the management of your diabetes.

No matter which you choose, recording your results is the important thing. This can be done in any way you wish, and whichever suits your lifestyle best: from keeping results in a paper diary, using the software provided with your diabetes monitor or using a smartphone app.

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