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KeeboMed Inc. Is Offering Used SonoScape A6V Sonogram at An Affordable Price

KeeboMed Inc., the highly renowned retailer of used ultrasound machines, is offering the SonoScape A6V sonogram at an extremely reasonable price.

KeeboMed Inc., the highly reputed and respected retailer of quality ultrasound machines and sonograms, is also offering SonoScape A6V sonogram at a heavily discounted price. The company specializes in offering a range of new, used, demo and refurbished ultrasound machines, which are quite popular among doctors and veterinarians. All the products sold by the company are entirely genuine and come with warranties, wherever applicable.

A senior executive of the company stated that, "We have always made sure that our customers can purchase the latest and the most advanced ultrasound machines at extremely affordable prices. Just like the regularly updated range of new ultrasound machines and sonograms that are available at our online store, we also update the range of used and refurbished machines, by including the latest and the most advanced diagnostic equipment. We are also offering the highly popular SonoScape A6V portable veterinary ultrasound machine at extremely affordable prices. The machine incorporates the latest ergonomic changes made by the manufacturer and is hence a lot more comfortable than its previous version".

The SonoScape A6V is the successor of the SonoScape A6, which is a fully digital black and white HCU sonogram system that weighs just 6kg. The new machine features a lot of ergonomic changes that make it easy for veterinarians to use it, while offering them all the features they always need. Along with the ergonomic design of the machine, the A6V offers premium image quality, which is comparable to all highly advanced ultrasound systems in its class. This reliable sonogram can be used for abdominal diagnosis and diagnosis of problems in internal organs.

"The SonoScape A6V features position adjustable 12" LCD monitors and comes with a convertible trolley design. Recently a research pointed out that the use of portable ultrasound machines is the reason behind neck problems in veterinarians. The new A6V answers the core of the problem found in the early variants of the machine, and is now a lot lighter and comfortable to use, even for a long period of time. It features a 30-degree adjustable position system, which is easy on the neck of the operator. I encourage everybody who is interested in purchasing an ultrasound machine to have a look at the SonoScape A6V that is available at our store, it features everything that all veterinarians need, and we're selling it at an extremely reasonable price", further added the executive.

KeeboMed Inc. has been in the business for years and stocks a variety of new, used and refurbished ultrasound machines and equipment. Unlike the used ultrasound machines that are provided by other retailers, the machines available at KeeboMed are either demo models or our used just for a couple of hours. Moreover, the expert team at the company carefully assesses the quality of each machine before offering it for sale. To buy used Sonogram machines, head over to.

About KeeboMed Inc.:

Based in Mount Prospect, Illinois, KeeboMed Inc. is a highly renowned retailer of high quality used ultrasound machines, sonograms and ultrasound equipment. Working with a goal to provide the best quality ultrasound machines to its customers at highly affordable prices, the company stocks a wide range of veterinary ultrasound systems that are high in demand. To check out the complete range of used ultrasound machines for the medical diagnostic, visit.

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KeeboMed Inc.
KeeboMed Inc.

KeeboMed Inc.
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