Kedem Europe's Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2012

Come and experience a spectacular collection of new and established premium kosher wines. In addition, our world class selection of wines will be paired with delicious gourmet food prepared by the renowned caterer Arieh Wagner.

Monday 6th February, Park Lane Hotel W1

Following the phenomenal success of its 2011 Kosher Wine Festival, Kedem Europe is proud to announce plans for their 2012 Kosher Food & Wine Experience which promises to be bigger and better than the last.

Held at London's exclusive Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, on Monday 6th February 2012 from 6pm, the event will showcase a grand collection of new and established premium kosher wines from around the world. Guests will also be able to taste and enjoy gourmet canapes by renowned caterer Arieh Wagner.

Kedem Europe is the biggest importer and distributer of kosher wine in the UK, supplying independent shops, restaurants, caterers and supermarkets. Morris Herzog, Director of Kedem Europe says: "We are delighted to be hosting another gala wine-tasting event in London; kosher wine now competes with the world's finest wines and they are equally recognised for their distinct flavours and superior taste. We welcome all wine enthusiasts to join us in February to discover more about the extraordinary variety of kosher wine on offer".

KFWE 2012 invites all sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, experts, buyers, enthusiasts or those who simply enjoy a glass of good wine every once in a while. Guests will be given the opportunity to sample wines and liquors across a variety of brands and from a range of countries. Purchases of wine can also be made at the event itself.

Highlights include:
• Domaine du Castel from renowned wine maker Eli Ben Zaken
• Champagne Drappier will be launching their first ever Kosher Champagne
• The Binyamina Winery introduce wines such as Yogevand Binyamina Reserve
• The Cave by Binyamina will be showcased here for the first time
• The delectable Covenant is the high end California wine from Napa Valley
• Flam, the Italian Boutique style high end winery from Israel present new wines
• 1848 is the promising new boutique winery from Israel

And of course the popular wineries will also be exhibiting: Herzog Wine Cellars from California, will be launching 2 new single vineyard wines; Segals will be showing a new vintage of the Unfiltered Cabernet; Barkan; Dalton; Binyamina and Netofa; Teal Lake from Australia; Premium Boardeax wines such as Leyoville Poyferre; Pontet Canet; Giscours; Malartic Lagraviere; Burgundy wines; Gran Malbec from Rothschild winery in Argentina; Goose Bay from New Zealand; Bartenura Ovadia Estates from Italy and many more. Spirits include: Louis Royer Cognac; Schmerling Liqueurs; Walders; LiaFail Single Malts; and Toumintoul, who produced the first-ever Kosher Port Cask Single Malt.

The 2012 Kosher Food & Wine Experience takes place on Monday 6th February from 6pm at the Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly W1J 7BX. The cost for this event is £30 for one ticket or £50 for two.
For further details and to register, please visit

For all media requests and enquiries about KFWE 2012, please contact Shahnaz Awan at The PR Office on or 020 7284 6969.


As in previous years, a world class selection of award winning wines will be on display from California, France, Italy, Israel, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, New York State, New Zealand and Portugal. All Kedem Europe products are certified kosher and therefore prepared in adherence to the highest standards of cleanliness and purity, requiring meticulous care and pristine winemaking conditions. Made from only pure wine or grape based ingredients, wines do not contain non-wine yeast, gelatine or animal based acidifying agents that may be used by other wineries.

About Royal Wine Corp and Kedem Europe
Royal Wine Corp (RWC) and Kedem Europe are producers, importers, and the world's leading distributor of upscale kosher wines, liquors, spirits and grape juices. For almost 50 years, RWC and Kedem Europe have been owned and operated by the Herzog family, whose winemaking roots date back eight generations to 19th century Czechoslovakia.

Founded in 1848, the Herzog family winery was renowned as the Royal wine supplier to the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Emperor Franz Joseph, eventually earning Phillip Herzog (1843-1918) the royal title of Baron.

The winery was seized by the Nazis at the onset of World War II and placed under the control of a Czechoslovakian man designated to manage production. The Herzogs survived the war in hiding and were supported with smuggled profits from the winery. In 1948, after the Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia, Eugene Herzog, the head of the Herzog family, decided to move the family and the winery to the United States. Settling in New York City, Eugene Herzog went to work for the Royal Wine Company as a winemaker, truck driver and salesman. Eugene, with his four sons, incorporated the name Kedem, and began a quest to regain the past splendour of the Herzog family name.

While the company began modestly, the Herzogs set their sights on greatness and have never relented in striving toward that goal. Today RWC and Kedem Europe has earned a reputation in the kosher wine and beverage industry as the leader in modern production methods, innovative packaging and marketing.

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