KBKG Celebrates the End of An Exceptional 2013 in the Provision of 179D and 45L Services

KBKG has had a successful close to the year 2013 which has been characterized by clients getting handsome tax benefits designed for energy efficient building.

KBKG are celebrating successful service provision to clients for the year 2013. The services have resulted in a lot of clients realizing benefits up to hundreds of thousands in dollar value.

Much of the success has been associated services offered to clients in respect of the 179D and 45L energy efficiency credits. KBKG is a specialty tax firm that provides its expert services to developers who seek to benefit from the handsome tax credits that accrue from compliance with the regulations.

Formed in 1999 KBKG has seen a lot of individuals and companies through a host of tax requirements in terms of ensuring compliance and filing. The company provides its services to the US and over the years has increased its services to include free CPE Webinars.
179d services are meant for commercial developers, architects and real estate investors. Through its knowledge and experience KBKG has been able to second competent engineers to clients undertaking various projects. Through this guidance, all clients have been able to not just meet the required minimum reductions in annual energy consumption but totally surpass them. The guidance also extends to the actual filing process where KBKG ensures that client get the right amount of benefit and that every claim is supported by adequate certification and paperwork.

The 45L services have also done wonders for the clients most of whom have been able to recoup their expenses through huge tax benefits. This service covers energy efficient home construction which pools together such buildings as apartments and condominiums.

These tax credits do not just cover new projects but extend to rehabilitation and reconstruction. According to the company, "the fact that none of our clients have experienced an alteration or refusal of any of our work by the IRS and other concerned bodies is testimony of the high standard of work that is carried out by KBKG.
KBKG has offices in a lot of cities and states where a wide range of tax services can be sought.

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