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Kara Lee Hunter Debut Novel Already A Success

"I'm Okay, I Promise" Released Through SkyAzure Publishing Exceeds Expectations In First Week

"I'm Okay, I Promise", the debut novel by UK author Kara Lee Hunter, has surpassed all expectations by selling more than twice as well as expected in only the first week since it went on sale to the general public. The novel, a fast paced piece of Young Adult fiction, has as its lead character Ella Winters - an all-too-typical young woman in today's fast moving world - rash, impulsive, unsure of who or what she wants out of life. When the rebellious Ella is faced with the choice of two futures - the everyday grind of work and normality with her first love or the kind of life that can only be dreamed of with her long-time rock star idol - she embarks on an emotional rollercoaster that will change her lifeā€¦ forever!

The novel, published through SkyAzure Publishing of Saltash, Cornwall, has surpassed all expectations within mere days of official release. According to a spokesperson, the novel is SkyAzure's biggest selling release to date and interest - already high - continues to grow.

Kara Lee Hunter had this to say about her unexpected success. "It's a dream come true really. I never expected this level of success so early on. It's still sinking in, I guess. The team at SkyAzure Publishing have been brilliant!"

Kara Lee Hunter is 28 years old and lives in Plymouth, Devon. She studied English at the University of Exeter and currently works in marketing. She is happily married with one child and is working on her second novel.

"I'm Okay, I Promise" (ISBN 9780991844104) is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other good retailers.

SkyAzure Publishing is an Independent Traditional Royalty-Paying Publisher based in Saltash, United Kingdom. They are currently accepting submissions, whether agented or unsolicited, whether postal or electronic and accept susmissions regardless of an author's publication history. SkyAzure offer the full range of services to their authors- ISBN allocation, editing, cover design, typesetting, publishing, distribution and marketing. They offer access to the major international markets for all of their authors, in both traditional print and in ebook format.

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