Kaptur Launches Photo Books, Handmade in New York

Discover and Share Everyone's Photos From Your Wedding and Now Easily Create Photo Books

Kaptur (pronounced capture) is perfect for events. And now, with the launch of photo books, it's a perfect and simple way for you to relive your memories forever. Easily create custom deluxe photo books, handmade in New York on high-quality semi-gloss photo paper, using your Kaptur photos.

The Kaptur site (www.kaptur.com) is a free, fun, and simple way to discover and share EVERYONE's photos from your memories. You want to ensure you remember every moment. This is where Kaptur comes in.

Inspired by Tejpaul Bhatia Kaptur's Co-Founder and President's wedding, Kaptur enables you to find and organize all of your friends' photos in seconds. Simply connect with Facebook and watch the magic happen before your eyes. Kaptur will find your guests - even if you're not friends with them on Facebook - and their pictures from your wedding.

"I think its awesome how all my wedding photos were all gathered in one click!"
Kaptur Customer

Kaptur takes out the leg work of finding and organizing photos for your wedding. You can customize it the way you want and add more photos from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, directly upload from your computer or have everyone else upload theirs. You can add music accompanied to a beautiful slide show and download everyone's photos to iPhoto, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and your computer in seconds.

About Kaptur
Kaptur is a NYC-based startup with a patent-pending social discovery technology platform. At www.kaptur.com, you can discover everyone's photos, videos, and statuses from any event. Tejpaul Bhatia and Vikash Mishra, Kaptur's Co-Founders and former ESPN employees, got the inspiration from Tej's own wedding when trying to find and organize all of his guests' photos. The site launched in 2011, targeting the wedding industry, and after only beginning marketing in October, within 2 months their user-base consisted of 1% of the US wedding market. Kaptur has also had successful partnerships with Beyonce, David Guetta, Red Bull, EMI, Sony, WeddingWire and Vera Wang.

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