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Kai Says Launches Campaign Today for Virtual Personal Assistant Watch

Smartwatch integrates with Kai Says personal assistant application and doubles as a working smartphone.

A watch that has all the functionality of a smart phone and verbally reminds you of scheduled tasks and events as well as retrieving information online on command is nearing introduction into the public market. LakeShore Labs, developer of the cloud based personal assistant service Kai Says, has launched a funding campaign on to raise $100,000 in 60 days to help with production of the watch and ongoing software enhancements to the Kai Says service. With today marking the start of the campaign, it is an introduction to the series of personal assistant focused assistive devices that Lakeshore Labs plans to release.

Kai Says Go essentially is an Android powered wearable watch that meets all of your communication and organization needs. The watch pairs newly emerging smartwatch technology with features and functions designed specifically to function as an all-in-one Kai Says personal assistant device. The Kai Says service has features created specially for the watch which also has the ability to make calls, take pictures, watch videos, download apps, listen to music and search the internet.

"At Lakeshore labs we aim to build the most advanced form of artificial intelligence for consumers worldwide - in a way that anyone with an internet connection can use," said LakeShore Labs Founder Steve McDonald. "I am excited for the potential that Kai Says Go has for helping people who are challenged with memory loss or busy schedules take control of managing their day."

For more information about Kai Says Go and the campaign visit Several donor levels are available for those interested in contributing, ranging from $10 to $450. Donor gifts depending on donation amount include exclusive updates on Kay Says developments, a choice of Kai Says promotional items, discounts towards the new Kai Says Ad network and collectors edition Kai Says Go watches.

Kay Says Go watches will be available to the public August 2014 but can be pre-ordered at a discount from the campaign page.

About Kai Says:

The Kai Says concept is the creation of veteran programmer Steve McDonald, founder of Lakeshore Labs. Steve is diagnosed with severe ADHD and after his symptoms led to a job loss he was prompted to find a solution to cope with the most challenging and impacting issue he dealt with - memory loss. Steve created a prototype on the Android operating system of his smart phone and the voice that is now known as Kai helped Steve by speaking out reminders for tasks, notifying him when it was time to start, stop and shift to the next tasks. Steve would go on to expand this prototype to read and speak Google Calendar event reminders, releasing the first public version known as KaiMobile on Google Play on March 15, 2013. Lakeshore Labs launched a service utilizing this technology under the name of Kai Says in the summer of 2013, expanding the offering to a multitude of devices.

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