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The highly anticipated video of "Beautiful" from, YouTube Sensation Kady Richards is complete.

The highly anticipated video of "Beautiful" from, YouTube Sensation Kady Richards was shot on location in prestigious Cambridge, Massachuetts.

Being fresh out of studio sessions with ButtaLoveMusic over the weekend, it was ready, set, go as the cameras starting rolling on the first of a series of videos while preparing for the Mission: Operation Homefront Tour in 2013.

The contagious personality was infectious and helped to keep things upbeat and moving on the video set. The command on the situation did not go unnoticed by executive producer, ButtaLove, who was very pleased with the ability to manage, take directions, give suggestions, as well as overall work with the video crew. it was impressive and admirable as time would be taken in between scenes to take pictures with and interact with those wanting to know what all the hype was about.

Opting for two wardrobe changes that were both stylish yet incredibly understated consisting of a relaxed fitted tee with a colorful sequined heart design by Pony Tails and pink Polo jeans by Ralph Lauren with her signature low cut canvas Converse All Stars in royal purple for the indoor scenes. As the action moved outside, the look consisted of a loose fitting oversized tee with shooting stars by Fang, blue denim Polo jeans by Ralph Lauren, a fitted black and white Neu Look "R" Letterman jacket and knee high black canvas tennis that made a definite fashion statement to those in attendance.

Current negotiations are under way to open up for Justin Bieber as well as with Paramount for a song on a movie soundtrack called "I Believe Loneliness".

Legendary Music Mogul Tommy Mottola has commented stated that this is a beautiful voice and has a very bright future ahead.

Moving forward the goal is to begin establishing new trends, leveraging current relationships and starting new ones in partnership with this talent.

Stay tuned to make sure that you see her.


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