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K-6 Educational Video Game Teaches Children How to Survive in the Wilderness

Mengatsi teaches K-6 children how to survive in the wilderness but most important, how to think instinctively with information provided during gameplay. The student deals with Bear threats, forest fires, poisonous plants, insects and flash flooding.

There is an aggressive movement to put educational games that make children think fast on their feet in settings like being lost in the wilderness. This movement is spearheaded by parents and community leaders to raise student ranks in reading and science to the level the US had 10 years ago.

"Scores in math, reading and science posted by 15-year-olds in the United States were flat while their counterparts elsewhere — particularly in Shanghai, Singapore and other Asian provinces or countries — soared, according to the results of a well-regarded international exam released by The Programme for International Student Assessment,(PISA).

Dozens of accounts of parents that want change can be found here:

Children are Eager Learners!

Their innocence and intuition combine a powerful force to quickly solve problems. But what about an emergency in the wilderness? The unusual and the unexpected can overwhelm anyone. Children armed with the right knowledge and the correct response will be able to deal with an emergency situation. Mengatsi teaches children these skills.
We Promote Intuitive Thinking.

We have worked hard on instructional value. When kids play the game, they have fun and learn at the same time!

When children think intuitively they are quick and creative. They respond directly to unusual or threatening circumstances and succeed. This creates motivation and self esteem.

Cognitive Benefits of Educational Gaming*

1. The Function of Play - Children welcome the opportunity to make a departure from the daily classroom routine and play.

2. Motivational Benefits of Gaming - When a child wins by achieving a goal placed before them, self esteem and self confidence are enhanced.

3. Emotional Benefits of Gaming - Excitement of Intrigue, sadness of losing, exhilaration or anxiety of danger, and pleasure in winning make up some of the benefits of experiencing these feelings.

*American Psychological Association.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help our children rank among the top five countries in science and reading like we used to?

Mengatsi is another piece of a larger movement which is allows parents and educators a chance to use more innovative and low cost learning tools in the classroom.

You can follow the progress of the development of Mengatsi at

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