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Just Artifacts Launches New Party Paper Cups

Phoenix based Asian specialty products distributor Just Artifacts LLC has launched another party essential - the party paper cups. The Company is one of the largest distributors for traditional Asian artifacts.

These party paper cups work as a perfect complement to other paper wares that the company is selling to help party goers and hosts have a good time without worrying about plastic waste. Currently, they have launched polka dots, chevron prints and striped cups in a variety of colors to go with every party theme. These patterns and colors were chosen to ensure that the party paper cup is a perfect fit for both formal and casual gatherings. "Who says that paper wares have to be plain and boring? We wanted our clients to use colors and so we've come up with these, so that you can use them for a formal occasion or a peppy kid's party," said the Product Manager. "Our paper-ware are the perfect biodegradable alternative. They are not just a paper cup; they are strong and sturdy paper cups that do their job with a dash of color! "

Just Artifacts is a familiar face in the artifacts industry especially for intricately crafted paper or fabric artifacts. Most of their products draw inspiration from ancient Chinese and Asian traditions. The company, today, sells a variety of decorative products like silk lanterns, parasols, fabric flowers, paper lanterns, LED lights, floating lanterns, etc. Apart from these decorative items, it also showcases a whole new range of biodegradable products like Party paper plates, paper cups, wooden cutlery and paper straws.

The company is hopeful for the success of their plastic-free tableware products and is sure that their clients would like them as much as their silk flowers and paper lanterns.

Just Artifacts started out as a small home-based distributor for traditional products from Asia. They mainly dealt with paper lanterns, candles and lights, and decorative flowers. Today they are one of the largest distributors for these artifacts and have added several other unique products to their list of artifacts. They continue to provide these goods at unbeatable prices on the internet.

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