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Just Artifacts Introduces Patterned Party Paper Plates

Just Artifacts LLC, one of the largest distributor and sellers of traditional Chinese/ Asian artifacts releases yet another product - Party paper plates. These paper plates come in the sizes of 9 inch round ones and 7.25inch square ones.

The company has launched them in a variety of prints and patterns. Currently, they would be featuring chevron, stripes and polka dots in a number of popular colors.

These party paper plates are the perfect choice for theme parties, social gatherings and corporate events. The various patterns make these plates an excellent pick for matching the cutlery with the theme of the party. These patterns have been specifically chosen so that the paper plates complement both formal and informal settings. "We wanted to give our customers a bio-degradable alternative to party cutlery," said the Product Manager "Plastic plates have been in the market and what makes them popular is their strength and colors. We've incorporated these very qualities in our paper plates. You can now add a splash of colors to your tableware as well."

Just Artifacts has already built a reputation of selling exquisitely crafted decorative products predominantly made of paper and fabric. These products have been inspired from the Chinese and Asian traditions. Some of the products that the company has been selling are paper lanterns, tissue pompoms, DIY craft materials, parasols, silk lanterns, LED lights and several other interesting artifacts.

"We are hoping that these paper plates would be as much a hit as our silk and paper lanterns. The plates would be ideal for celebrations where the host supports the eco-friendly drive, especially large corporate" said the Marketing Manager at a company event.

Just Artifacts LLC had a very humble beginning in 2007, as a small, home-based distributor for traditional products from the Far East. They basically dealt with paper lanterns, sky lanterns, decorative flowers, candles and lights. Today they are a Pheonix based company that has grown to be one of the largest distributors for Asian and Chinese decorative products at unbeatable prices.

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