Julieth Between The Albinos In Tanzania

The holder of the title of Miss Progress International on a visit to the communities of albinos to follow up her project. Dramatic reports. The fundrising continues.

DAR ES SALAAM - It has been concluded in recent days the first trip between the communities of albinos that Julieth William Lugembe, winner of the first edition of Miss International Progress, had among the objectives of her project.

As known, last September 24th Julieth conquered the jury that at the Gabbiano Hotel in Pulsano (TA) examined the projects of the Ambassadors of Progress, identifying in her willingness to give support to the people with albinism the more worthy of the prestigious title that was assigned to her.

Thanks to the airline Precision Air (www.precisionairtz.com) which is sponsoring the initiative by offering free flights to cross the immense Tanzania, along with David Petter Mwendapole, national director of Miss Progress in Tanzania, Sidney Mwamulima, representative of Under The Same Sun (www.underthesamesun.com) and the reporter Jonathan Titus, Julieth went through the regions of Shinyanga and Arusha, meeting politicians, teachers, directors of shelters and, above all, people who suffer from albinism, forced to refuge in restricted communities, away from the attacks of those who still believe that maiming or killing an albino is a harbinger of good luck.

"Our friends albino - Julieth says visibly shaken - need seemingly simple objects and products, such as broad-brimmed hats and protective lotion against UV rays that, for them, are real life-saving."

In the primary and secondary schools visited in Arusha, also was found the absolute lack of mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, books, notebooks, pens, pencils and furniture of various kinds.

With the availability of the interlocutors met, started a series of other initiatives that will provide funds and goods in the city of Mwanza, Arusha and Dodoma beginning in the next few days.

Anyone wishing to help Julieth in completing her project, providing the goods of which has highlighted the necessity or by sending money, please contact the Associazione Culturale In Progress mailing to acinprogress@libero.it. Referent is the director of Miss Progress International, Giuseppe Borrillo, tel. +39-393-4279670.


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