JSC Products Announces Launch of New Humorous "Junior Senior Citizen" Clothing Line

JSC Products Happy to announced the arrival of their JSC clothing line. Company has an initial offering of males and females t-shirts, and wants to roll out other products in few months.

New firm specializes in senior humor apparel and products geared toward senior citizen humor.

Las Vegas - JSC Products today announced the launch of their Junior Senior Citizen clothing line. The Las Vegas-based firm has an initial offering of men's and women's t-shirts, and plans to roll out other products in the coming months.

"Age is a state of mind," says Stacey Ranieri, founder and brand creator for JSC Products. "We are vibrant, productive, virile citizens who are just getting older, but aren't ready to call ourselves old. Our new line of clothing pokes fun and draws humor from this unique time in our lives."

Ranieri says that she thought of the name "Junior Senior Citizen" while at a fast food restaurant shortly after her 55th birthday. "I was standing in line and realized that I qualified for the 'senior discount' drink. I told the cashier that I wasn't a 'senior citizen', but instead a 'junior senior citizen'. That phrase stuck in my head and I realized that I needed to provide humorous products for other seniors who had the same mindset that I did."

JSC Products' launch of the senior humor apparel is the first in a long line of senior citizen humor-themed products. "We envision everything from t-shirts and coffee mugs to a full line of old age-related party products," says Ranieri.
For more information, or to view the full line of the Junior Senior Citizen products, visit the company's website at http://juniorseniorcitizen.com/.

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