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Journey Owl, an independent organization, has helped hundreds of people with their cruise ship illness claims.

When taking a cruise you don't expect to end up on bed rest with a horrid virus. Though unfortunately a lot of holiday makers find themselves in this situation.

There are many reasons behind this but diarrhoea and vomiting are the most common illnesses found on-board cruise ships around the world. The reason is that there are so many people confined within a small space that viruses can spread out of control within a day or two.

This year alone over seven cruise lines have reported the Norovirus on board. From these seven cruise lines over 1,238 passengers were affected. There was also one case of E-coli reported, affecting 60 passengers and 10 staff members. Both resulted in severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

According to a spokesman from Journey Owl, many passengers are not aware that they have a right to claim should they contract a cruise ship illness. We have helped hundreds of people make claims and win thousands of pounds in compensation.

Journey Owl, which is an independent organization, made up of leading experts in compensation claims work on a no win - no fee basis. This means that people making claims are not at risk of having to pay heavy legal fees should they not win their case.

Illnesses on board cruise ships are more common than many people realize. It takes one passenger or staff member to board a ship filled with over a thousand passengers and within days more than half the passengers can be ill.

In the majority of cases the on-board hospital or medical team are able to attend to the patients, making them more comfortable until the ship can dock. But there are the rare cases where passengers and staff have to be airlifted to hospital because their symptoms are so severe.

Journey Owl are dedicated in providing an outstanding service to anyone who have fallen prey to a cruise ship illness. The team of professional experts work hard to win the claim and reward the passenger with the compensation they deserve. Armed with a professional and friendly team, Journey Owl offer a twenty four hour support line and a fast response to all queries.

Being UK based, Journey Owl deal with hundreds of queries each year and have helped hundreds of people win the compensation they deserve whether they find themselves ill while on a cruise ship, having an accident while on holiday or injuring themselves in the workplace.

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