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Journey of 10 Dimensions for Ascension Mastery with Guru Kirin Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Guru Kirin Journey of 10 Dimensions for Ascension Mastery Sunday, February 9, 2014 1-4pm at the Soul of Yoga

This amazing workshop with Guru Kirin answers the deep questions we have about life. It's for anyone who has ever wondered where they are going and what exactly the dimensions are? With Guru Kirin attendees learn the qualities of each of the 10 dimensions starting with the crystalline core of Mother Earth all the way to the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Attendees are shown specific techniques to activate each dimension for Ascension Mastery! The workshop includes colorful illustrations, dancing, singing and kundalini yoga guidance for traveling these spiritual realms!

Guru Kirin was called to take a pilgrimage to India where she visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar. It was in India that she walked in the footsteps of the Saints. She traveled up the Ganges visiting holy sites that led to a mountain top in the Himalayas called Hemkut Sahib. It was here she hiked for two days to visit the site where Guru Gobind Singh became enlightened. Guru Gobind Singh's life mission was to protect freedom and stand for the truth.

After returning from her journey, Guru Kirin began studying the ancient yogic teachings of kundalini yoga as taught by Master Yogi Bhajan. She has meditated with the Master at over 100 White Tantra courses, attended summer and winter Solstice retreats in New Mexico and Florida. She lived at a yoga ashram in Millis, Ma. where she began her yoga teaching career.

Guru Kirin shares her sacred knowledge by teaching classes, seminars and retreats, as well as offering private coaching and instruction.

This workshop represents a sacred journey with Guru Kirin! It is offered at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Sunday, on February 9, 2014 1-4pm.

For details and to sign up, visit Or call Marcia at 760 224 8720.

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