Josh Floring Launches Swellco a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Commercial Real Estate professional launches Swellco a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage company to help companies reimagine dormant space

Josh Floring, a commercial real estate professional, has started his own real estate firm. Floring, who left The Ackerberg Group in March, recently launched Swell Companies LLC which will be doing business as Swellco.

Currently, he is the principal broker and only employee of the firm, which will focus exclusively on commercial real estate brokerage services. Swellco will help imaginative CEO's of young companies as they seek creative space solutions for their businesses.

Floring said that he wants to help people reimagine the workplace and how they approach site selection. There is still a lot of room in Minneapolis for companies that want to grow here but it requires some patience and strategy. Jumping into the market and expecting that your requirement is there is not realistic he says.

Floring wants to build a real estate brand and service line that helps shuttle a historically slow-moving industry into the next frontier. Quite frankly, the commercial real estate brokerage industry could use a good slap in the face. Markets with high barriers to entry require that you reimagine how things can be done, you have to work at bringing capable, creative, and tenacious minds together. Those elements are part of a larger formula that will help bridge financing gaps, overcome difficult building problems, and help develop imaginative forward-thinking environments.

We don't want to be just another brokerage company. We exist to help inspire people to think differently about their approach to site selection and how they imagine the spaces that they will be using.

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