Jordan Is The Place For Weight Loss Surgery, MTC Says

Clients from around the world who are distressing over weight issues can now travel to Jordan to get their weight problems permanently solved.

Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC), a leading facilitator of healthcare-related tourism, identifies Jordan as the latest medical destination for high quality and inexpensive weight loss treatments. Weight loss surgery in Jordan could be a cost-effective choice for obesity sufferers from more affluent part sof the world.

Medical tourism in Jordan has seen a steady increase through the years. In just 2008, over 6 million tourists came to the country, most of them being health tourists. According to MTC, getting weight loss surgery in this country is a good option because of the cheaper cost, state-of-the art facilities, and highly qualified medical professionals.

For decades, people across the world have been fraught by weight issues, fitness-wise and health-wise. Having excessive weight causes mobility problems, hinders an individual from enjoying physical activities as well as poses a threat to his or her health. In a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of obesity and overweight issues. Aside from that, being obese or overweight can shatter one's self-confidence as well.

Medical Tourism Corporation, with its vast network of weight loss surgery centers and hospitals in Jordan, assists clients who are unable to get back to shape through dieting, exercises and other non-surgical weight loss methods. The bariatric (weight loss) services provided by the company are performed by highly skilled surgeons at a rate that would not drill a hole in the clients' pockets. In fact, the cost of bariatric surgery in Jordan could be less than 50 percent of the cost in most American or European countries, even after you factor in the lodging and traveling costs.

Now, clients from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq, Yemen and other middle and west Asian countries, who cannot afford having weight reduction surgery in their own countries can travel to Jordan to get their weight problems solved.

The bariatric procedures offered by Medical Tourism Co.'s network hospitals are safe and the quality matched international standards. Most of these deal with altering the patient's digestive anatomy in order to achieve weight loss. The most common weight loss procedures in this country include gastric bypass, lap banding, and gastric sleeve surgery.

Patients who opt for these bariatric services are well taken care of by the highly trained medical professionals connected to MTC. Aside from giving them privacy and comfort, patients are given proper information that will help them make a decision as to which procedure to undergo.

The Jordanian government has made several investments in developing its medical tourism infrastructure; a huge chunk of it going to the hospitals of the country. Hospitals recommended by the company are uniquely equipped with cutting edge technology and boast of international accreditation. They are mostly located in Amman, the country's capital.

Medical tourists can also enjoy a worthwhile vacation while having a health trip. Jordan is well known by the Christian and Muslim communities as it is home to holy destinations such as Mount Nebo, River Jordan, Madaba Map and many others.

Those who are interested to know more about affordable weight loss surgery in Jordan request a free quote and watch informed videos and interviews from Medical Tourism Corporation.


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