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Jobfactory Moves Global Making Hiring Skilled Sri Lankans Easier for Foreign Companies

Jobfactory; the fastest growing recruitment entity in the country has recently launched its global recruitment unit as they have obtained the overseas recruitment license from Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Job Factory (Private) Limited was incorporated in early 2012 and started operation in the same year July. Now it has grown to a level that many top companies approach them for difficult recruitment assignments.

We started with LOLC group at the inception and now working with more than 50 top companies in the country. Jobfactory is very strong on IT domain and almost all top IT companies are working with us. There is no rocket science behind our success and that is only meeting our customers' expectations, Madhushan Raigamage, Chief Innovation Officer expressed his views to the press. Our brand is popular amongst middle level executives and Jobfactory maintains its operating principles during all the steps of the process. In principle we do not share anyone's CV/Profile without the consent of the candidate. Job seekers remain with us as they are highly confident on that. Madhushan expressed his views further.

We were approached by many overseas companies for recruitment as our website performs very strong. We didn't want to go global without consolidating the local market. Now we see that Jobfactory is established in the local market and ready to move on global, Madhushan added.

Jobfactory-Global will be only focusing skilled recruitment which is a national requirement today. We will not be sending Housemaids overseas. There is an excess workforce of skilled labour in the country which has better demand than other Asian countries. Nirmala Dassanayake, Lead Executive of Jobfactory spoke to the media. Our initial focus is the State of Qatar which is the fastest growing Middle Eastern country where 2020 FIFA World cup is scheduled to be held.

Construction industry is our main focus. We know the fact that Sri Lanka has an excellent set of talents who are involved in construction projects. Even though the labour is cheaper in other South Asian countries like, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, our principals like to go ahead with Sri Lankan professional which takes our flag flying high. Our focus is also not to send labourers to Sate of Qatar but certainly some Supervisors and White-Color workers. Nirmala added.

Jobfactory is a unique recruitment company. We maintain high standards across the board. Unlike other recruitment companies, we care employer more, as every single recruitment is a challenge for the employer. Our expertise is nothing other than the capability of approaching very rare skills and make the assignment easy for the employer, Medhani Weerasinghe, HR Executive (Global) joined the media conference giving her views. We are highly geared about our global move. We have an excellent team working at Jobfactory and they know what to do in order to bring our brand to the global standard, Medhani added.

Jobfactory do not charge a single cent from jobseekers. Government charges will have to be borne by them and rest we do free for jobseekers. We are allowed by Foreign Employment Bureau to charge a certain amount from the candidate. But we even do not charge that as we are beign paid by the principal for the recruitments we do. Imaadh Ismil, HR Executive (Global) explained to press. Qatar is our launching pad to Global operation and we are highly confident on its growth potential. We will have our plan to consolidate in State of Qatar sooner than later and we are sure about our TEAM which is the biggest strength, Imaadh further added.

Jobfactory is diversified in to Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing, OBT/Adventure training and also to leisure. Secret behind our success is none other than my TEAM and we have a dream of going public by 2020 making one billion turnover and I have no doubt on the strategy we are working on, Madhushan rapped-up the media conference.

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