Jo Frost "Supernanny" Supports Michelle Obama's Healthy Initiative Program.

Author and Global Parenting Expert, Jo Frost, also known as Supernanny, Supports Michelle Obama's Healthy Lunch Program.

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Author and Global Parenting Expert, Jo Frost, also known as Supernanny, Supports Michelle Obama's Healthy Lunch Program.

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"There is no need to delay health lunch initiative" says global parenting expert Jo Frost.

"Excuses, excuses. The kids are having temper tantrums about not wanting to eat the healthy food and it looks like some schools and politicians across the USA are having defiant temper tantrums too!... I have never heard such utter absurdity for some to ask giving schools a year waiver... for what exactly??…. A year waiver before getting kids healthy and to hold off fighting disease and obesity? The standards are provided based on what these kids 'Need' not 'Want' more of, in their nutritious food plan during school hours. These food standards in schools will ultimately set the example alongside teaching parents in family life to become healthier and lower Americas child obesity epidemic. As a woman who for the last 10 years has been embraced by the American family, has worked alongside families, sat in the homes and kitchens of over 47 states of your great country, if I gave every family a waiver for a year based on the Antisocial and out of control behavior their children showed, or the poor decisions that were made because of parents choices regarding Food and Health, where do you honestly think those families would be now?

Serious situations call for serious action. Those fighting this healthy change are behaving like oppositional defiant children and are ultimately giving up on our children because right now they are resisting the change,complaining about the food!

Someone needs to be the adult here, ALL schools should be working as a team with the government like great parents working together making it a priority doing what is morally right by these children.

I applaud Michelle Obama and the White House for beginning this initiative and hope they stand their ground like we all have to do in our conviction to see ever lasting change."

About Jo Frost

Best known as the "Supernanny,"childcare expert and child advocate Jo Frost has always had a natural gift for connecting with kids and helping parents navigate milestones with practical, easy solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the family arena and the success of her hit television shows Supernanny, Extreme Parental Guidance, and this summer's Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost,she's proven her ability to bring peace and stability to any home. Now, the New York Times bestseller now offers parents and caregivers her invaluable methods in JO FROST'S TODDLER RULES: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior (March 4, 2014) to help tame toddler tantrums and curb troublesome behavior—from mealtime struggles to bedtime battles, and everything in between. In her book, Frost puts forth an amazingly simple equation for a harmonious household—her five rules for disciplined parenting plus her three-step S.O.S. method (Step Back, Observe, Step In)—and shows how these tools can create calmness in daily family life and routines. Complete with troubleshooting tips for living tantrum-free, JO FROST'S TODDLER RULES is a welcome, no-nonsense guide with everything you need to help your children grow, thrive, and make family time even more precious.

You can visit her online at or follow her on Twitter @Jo_Frost


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