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Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido , World Headquarters Is Proud to Announce the Appointment of Master Rodrigo Castro as the Central and South American Director

Expanding our horizons into Central and South America, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido and Vice-President Grandmaster Michael Rhoades, with the authority of Founder and Grandmaster Kim Myung Yong welcome Master Rodrigo Castro to the organization

This February, 2014, Grandmaster and Vice-President Michael Rhoades personally appointed Master Rodrigo Castro to his 5th Dan, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido. Master Castro's extreme dedication and commitment to both Grandmaster Rhoades and Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido quickly proved that he was the absolute best choice for the position of Central and South American Director.

It with was with great pride and honor that Master Castro accepted these appointments. The position comes with tremendous responsibility as well as the distinction of belonging to one of the most prestigious martial arts organizations in the world.

As the Representative for this region, Master Castro will be selecting and interviewing potential martial artists for a variety of opportunities with the organization. For Master Castro, the honor of being chosen to lead Central and South America into the next generation of martial arts is a great honor.

Master Castro will be working directly with Grandmaster Rhoades as the organization expands in his region and to continue to develop his own skills and experiences.

With the opportunity of membership in this organization expanding in January 2013, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Worldwide continues to see unprecedented interest and growth! Grandmaster Rhoades' intent and commitment to his instructor, President and Founder, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido, Grandmaster Kim Myung Yong will ensure both the purity of this art as well as the high level of standards offered to all members.

If you are interested in training and/or representing Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido please feel free to visit the World Headquarters website at www.jjkhapkidoworldwide.com or www.jinjungkwanhapkido.com. All requests for information are handled expeditiously and efficiently. Please feel free to contact the World Headquarters, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido via email for more information.

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