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Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Reunites With Korea Hapkido Federation

Successful trip to South Korea results in reuniting of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido and the Korea Hapkido Federation

Grandmaster Kim Myung Yong and Grandmaster Michael Rhoades traveled across the world with a purpose in mind. Reuniting Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido with the Korea Hapkido Federation.

The unification of these two organizations brings martial arts more credence and solidity than can be imagined. With so many martial arts federations available to practitioners, the confusion of locating legitimate instructors who are legitimately certified to teach the arts they profess to know is significant.

Grandmaster Rhoades' goal of being able to provide a resource for all Instructors and Practitioners of South Korean based arts to tap into is coming closer to reality! As the first non-Korean to graduate from the Masters Course in South Korea in 2001, Grandmaster Rhoades' desire to provide the same opportunities and more for his students has driven him to see this through.

The networking of a martial arts instructor is vital to their continued growth and accountability. The 'freelance' martial arts instructor who has no roots to lean into or to grow from will finally have an opportunity to belong to the world's leading federation for Hapkido as well as potential exposure and membership with Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido!

Exciting time for Martial artists everywhere, in particular the South Korean based artists!

Opportunities for certification, recognition and authentic training are available now!

If you are based in the United States and are seeking verification of your school or instructor or are an instructor looking to join this organization please contact the World Headquarters at (636)327-5425 or through the website jjkhapkidoworldwide.com

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