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Jhonathan Florez - Change4Good Wingsuit Stunt

Colombian daredevil and world-renowned wingsuit pilot Jhonathan Florez to perform the biggest stunt of 2013 and spread a global message of change

World-renowned Colombian daredevil and wingsuit pilot Jhonathan Florez has launched the Change4Good campaign on www.fanfuel.co to raise funds for a stunt that will put his life at stake.

The exact details of the project are top secret due to the controversial nature of the stunt but Jhonathan, a holder of four world records, will use it to change how we view the world's biggest tragedies.

Once described as 'a human hawk with a social conscience', Jonathan's mass movement will inspire people to transform dates that have been scarred by tragedy into days of joy, and make a Change4Good.

"In the past decade we've experienced horrible events like April 7th 2011 when the tsunami hit the east coast of Oshika in Japan and July 22nd 2011 when a 'lone wolf' terrorist attack claimed the lives of 77 people in Norway. These are only two examples of dates that have been engraved in our memories as days of sadness and I want to change that. I want to take the opportunity to use those dates to create a mass movement for good," Jhonathan said.

"If we can all do something good in honor of the people that lost their lives, got hurt or lost someone dear in a tragic event, we can certainly make the world a better place.

"I would like everyone to pick a date that they feel is marked for something negative and on that day go out and film yourself doing something good then share those videos on the Change4Good Facebook page so we can track all the acts that are happening around the world. I wonder what dates will get the biggest hype, I know I have mine... ;)"

Last year, Jhonathan jumped from a plane at 37,265 feet and travelled at speeds of up to 160 km/h for more than 9 minutes, breaking four wingsuit world records in the process.

Jhonathan has declared that his stunt will change the possibilities of human flight, but his main motive is to spread a message of love and brotherhood, of forgiveness and healing.

Jhonathan has launched a fanfuel campaign to raise the funds he needs to complete the stunt.

He is offering everything from skydive jumps to Change4Good merchandise and has also included an extensive section of Gifts to Humanity where part of people's contribution will go towards people affected by recent tragedies.

If you would like to help Jhonathan make Change4Good a reality and view his first video get onto www.fanfuel.co/Change4Good and help fuel his campaign!

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