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JFK Challenge Fifty Years Later Project Invites Journalism Students to Impact Generational Leaders

College/university journalism programs will receive announcement of the JFK 50 Years Later Citizens Report project along with invitation for students to participate in diverse ways including reporting and investigation of Baby-boomer life stories.

Every college/university journalism program will receive announcement of the JFK 50 Years Later Citizens Report Project along with invitation for students to participate in diverse ways. The ambitious goals for this project will be impossible to achieve without broad distribution of the challenge and communication among the diverse participants. First, Baby-boomers record their life stories regarding how they managed to fulfill the challenge by President Kennedy in 1961. The goal is not to glorify or contribute to any narcicistic tendency. Rather, project managers at vasQ Analysts, LLC recognize the dearth of true leadership available to lead the United States out of its problems and that individuals within the Baby-boomer generation have responsibility to contribute to the solution.

Second, objective journalism by those in college/universities can report, investigate and challenge thought effective in communication among students and business leaders within society. The analysis of President Kennedy's inaugural challenge and evaluation of the "Citizens Report" on balance may yield solutions for society. Generational leaders can listen and receive motivation from this communication process while discerning appropriate paths. Communication and feedback to the Baby-boomer generation who controls economic resources will lead to solutions for leaders.

Mr. Guy G. Graves, President of vasQ Analysts, LLC confidently asserts that once challenged and motivated, the members of the Baby-boomers generation will take the leadership reign for their part. Most recognize that empowerment for solving the dynamic problems encountered today can not be left solely to their children and grand-children. There must be commitment to raising up leaders and providing the encouragement and financial support system for their success. The communication gap between generations must be bridged by effective communicators found within journalism schools. Baby-boomer ambitions are not likely to be affected without an intermediary who can communicate to the younger generation where future leaders reside.

Lethargy and finger-pointing and setting blame among the generations will only lead to faster demise and enslavement of future generation. Honest objective evaluation of "Citizen Stories" together with investigation and discovery by committed journalists will open avenues for leaders to move. It is going to take open and honest introspection of individual life stories to find the keys to unlock the secrets to problem solving. Journalism students will find a rich environment for discovery and writing and will not have to dwell in the froth of society or partisanship of politics. Wise and informed student journalists will find opportunity to impact the society they wish to serve. It can not be under emphasized the importance of skilled and talented journalists to exercise their mission.

The JFK 50 Years Later Citizens Report Project will be much more important for future society as student journalists participate to the fullest. Any publication or video exclusively reserved to memorialize an effective speech writer and gifted historical speaker will be of limited value. The best memorial to President Kennedy will be for a future generation to find solutions to their problems with the aide of their predecessors who responded to his inaugural challenge.

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