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Jennifer Lang Releases "Fairy Tales" Music Video In Time For Valentine's Day!

Recording artist Jennifer Lang has come up with a visually compelling music video which allows her song entitled "Fairy Tales" to come alive.

Jennifer Lang gives music lovers a gift for Valentine's Day with the new release of her latest music video "Fairy Tales". This whimsical storybook journey of love, adoration and devotion can be found on the see.me creative artist platform and is quickly drawing a lot of buzz for her velvety vocals that transcend other established singers of this generation.

"Fairy Tales" can be found on Ms. Lang's Sophomore Album entitled "3 O'Clock Saturday" which is being met with rave reviews. Her soulful rendition of this latest release places her in the upper echelon of R&B singers with gospel recording backgrounds in the same style of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston.

Jennifer is a singer who emits an emotion and a sweetness that is lacking in so many others in her field. As one begins to listen to the heartfelt melody of "Fairy Tales", the listener immediately falls under her spell of fondness and admiration for the man she loves. Her vocal range is well known, but on this track, Jennifer does what she does best. She Emotes!

The video is formatted as if to tell a scrapbook version of her love story intertwined with snapshots of childhood memories of ginger bread men and teddy bears. It is the sort of artistic achievement that seems to look just a little bit different each time that you view it. With each replay, one sees things moving in and out of the background that was unnoticed before. It is beautifully well crafted and compliments the song perfectly.

Ms. Lang is one of the few nominated artists to be in the running for an advertising campaign in the form of a billboard display in Times Square this summer. Viewers can cast their vote by clicking on the Facebook Support Button. Vote now! The contest ends on February 21, 2013

As a follow-up to Jennifer's Debut Album "Just a Lang Thang", the "3 O'Clock Saturday" album has a wide range of eclectic songs, each showcasing a different aspect of her strong and hypnotic song stylings. Offered on iTunes and produced by Cloyd Willis, Jr., the disc features a powerful performance in "Betcha Thought". Then on the track "I Don't Understand" her pain and heartache can be felt of love gone wrong, only to be motivated and inspired by Lang's version of "Keep your Head Up".

But "Fairy Tales" leaves one feeling at peace. It's a ballad worthy for an evening in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and the love of one's life...on Valentine's Day!

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