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Jennifer Jankauskas Announces Recent Skydiving Trip

Jennifer Jankauskas announces a recent skydiving trip (Sep. 2012) in Cedartown, Georgia.

Jennifer Jankauskas is pleased to announce that she recently completed a skydiving trip in Cedartown, Georgia, at Georgia Skydive. Located in Western Georgia, south of Rome and north of I-20, Georgia Skydive is known for offering some of the best skydiving opportunities in the southeast.

Jennifer Jankauskas, who is a middle school English teacher in the Gwinnett County Public School System (just northeast of Atlanta), was excited to have the opportunity to make a trip to Cedartown.

"Needless to say," joked Jennifer Jankauskas, "it was a success. Skydiving is one of those things that I've had my eye on for years now, but for various reasons - life - it had never been possible. Now, however, it was finally the right time. I'd love to go again!"

In recent years, skydiving has seen a swell in popularity. Despite high fuel prices, the recreational amateur skydiving industry has fared well because of one-time thrill-seekers and repeat enthusiasts like Jennifer Jankauskas.

"While the skydiving was certainly interesting," commented Jennifer Jankauskas, "I almost think the people that are regulars [at Georgia Skydive] are even more fascinating. After all, you have to be a little crazy to jump out of a plane several times a week. If facilitating an experience like that is your job... well, it definitely says something about you!"

Since Jankauskas' trip occurred during the school year, her middle school students were especially interested in her trip. "Yes, they knew!" said Jennifer Jankauskas with excitement when asked if her students knew she would be embarking on the adventure. "But, my students already know that I'm a little eccentric like that. I don't think they were too surprised!"

Though Jennifer Jankauskas currently has no plans to make another skydiving adventure - at Georgia Skydive or elsewhere - she hopes that she will be able to enjoy the unique thrill of falling through open air once again. "It's simply unlike anything else," she said. "It's hard to describe. I feel like I say that to everyone. But, really, it's just an incredible experience!"

About: Jennifer Jankauskas is a middle school English teacher in Gwinnett County (Georgia).

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