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JDEtips Begins Offering Virtual CNC Courses

JDEtips announces that its first CNC course will be offered June 18-25, four hours per day in a virtual instructor-led format.

Configurable Network Computing (CNC) describes the flexibility (and thus the complexity) of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) architecture. E1 allows the use of multiple servers, operating systems, locations, databases, and hardware. A CNC administrator is responsible for planning, installing, troubleshooting, and administrating this architecture.

This 24 hour class covers the basic concepts and system administration of EnterpriseOne, based on the 9.1 Applications release. After completing this course students will be able to do basic systems administration including: package builds, security changes, batch job setup, OCM changes, data dictionary and data customization, INI file changes, applying software updates and tools releases, and troubleshooting.

Hands on exercises during the class include: adding application security, setting up users, troubleshooting issues using logging, package builds, rounded out by an intense Case Study.

Penny Allen, JDE Practice Director for JDEtips, states: "We are all very excited about both the creation of the new manual and the class itself. This has been a vision of mine for over a year now, and quite frankly, the hardest part was finding the right CNC consultant for the job. There's lots of talent out there, yes, but this requires the right personality and skillset in order to be able to convey this kind of technical detail to the students. A great personality and people skills, in addition to a solid 15 years + working in the trenches and taking the hard knocks, is not easy to come by. As soon as I met Josh, I knew he was the right fit for our team and the right guy to head up this project. Heck, he's got me understanding this CNC stuff!!"

For more information on JD Edwards classes from JDEtips, visit: www.JDEtips.com/JD-Edwards-Training/.

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