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Jannae Institute New Vibrant Lite™ Non-Invasive Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening, Fat Removing, and Cellulite Reduction System

Jannae Institute (, California's leader in non-surgical beauty enhancement procedures for the face and the body, announced today the introduction of the Vibrant Lite System. This is the only system of its kind in California.

Jannae Institute (, California's leader in non-surgical beauty enhancement procedures for the face and the body, announced today the introduction of their very special Vibrant Lite™ System.

The Vibrant Lite™ System is new to the USA and offers the latest non-invasive technology for rapid results. Vibrant Lite will provide dramatic inch loss, skin tightening, fat melting and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

Vibrant Lite™ is a safe and affordable alternative to painful and potentially dangerous liposuction surgery, and has been medically proven to produce similar results.

Jannae Institute is the only provider of Vibrant Lite™ in Southern California modalities, and has already produced amazing results for men and women of virtually all ages and body types.

Finally, a simple and fast way to lose 6-12 pounds and 6-29 inches without dieting or surgery

The treatments are so simple. You simply lay on a table while the special devices are placed over specific parts of your body. It is completely painless. Some people even nap during the treatment.

"This new protocol is simply amazing," says Jannae Nichols, Director of the Jannae Institute. "We are a world leader in providing our patients with the latest, most advanced systems to help them reach their individual goals. We have patients of all ages coming to us from all over the nation for our special treatments, because instead of false promises, we deliver real results."

To make an appointment and take advantage of the limited time Introductory Special Pricing, or for more information, call 949.244.8022 or visit:

About Jannae Institute:

Jannae Institute is California's leading health, beauty and wellness facility offering individual treatment plans that reduce fat, tighten skin, improve beauty, reduce wrinkles, and enhance health and wellness through customized treatment protocols that include, Vibrant Lite, laser lipo, mommy makeovers, i-Lipo, Zerona Laser, Lymph Star Pro, Endermologie, Fractora Laser, cryotherapy, and PEMF Magnetic Pulse Therapy.

Jannae Institute in Newport Beach offers skin tightening, cellulite removal, fat melting, cellulite treatments, body sculpting, and more.

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