Janet E. Johnson Releases A Brand New Social Media Training Membership Program

Janet E. Johnson has released a brand new social media training membership program.

Janet E. Johnson has released a brand new social media training membership program. This brand new training program for social media is taught by multiple experts on social media. This is a simple yet unique system because it is taught, not just by one, but multiple social media trainers. This product is released in order to help people who are interested in online business to take advantage of social media to make their niche more lucrative.

Since it has never been easy to keep in line with the marketing strategies used by online experts, it is advisable for beginners in the online field to learn more about the deciding factors. Good thing that Janet E Johnson has devised a system that will help those people to know what to do and how to do things on the various media platforms. It is a proven program because it is taught by multiple expert trainers, who have experience in using social media for making their business and their clients' businesses profitable. These trainers include Janet E. Johnson, the founder herself, Jeremy Acosta, Julie McAdoo, Katie Englund, Kari Switala, Lisa Saline, Linda Lam, Rebecca Metz, Maryn Williams, Sandy Zeiszler, Terry Bean and Scott Ayres.

The program that is offered by these trainers contains 15 minute social media lessons that will help people keep their business profitable and growing. This program designed by Janet will teach every interested individual to move in the proper direction in business. 15 Minute Social is recently launched and is still in Beta. Every lesson that is featured in the program contains screenshots, tips, video explanations and the action step. Each of them is properly explained by the trainers, so it is made easy for a business owner to navigate and implement.

The 15 Minute Social program is certainly an incredible tool that anybody can use to develop their business. Since it is personally created by Janet E. Johnson, who is an expert in terms of social media and online marketing, people can undoubtedly depend on the product she recently introduced. They can use this to improve their business just the way Janet does with hers and her clients.


The simple how-to videos in 15 Minute Social has really helped me understand what I need to do on the different social media platforms. Now I know what to do and how to do it. I have a resource to go to and I love it! And knowing that I don't have to spend more than 15 minutes a day makes it very easy to stick with and do! - Dr. Robert Miller, General Dentist, Miller Comfort Dental of Lakeville.

15 Minute Social is a great tool for any business who wants to expand their social media. The video based learning helps me so I can learn at my own pace and my own time. I have learned and implemented many tips already and can't wait to learn to more about all the different social media options out there! - Jill Reiter Schaefer - Hat Trixx and more.

The 15 Minute Social Training Program helped me make a plan and forced me to take action in my social media each day. I now understand what I need to do in social media to grow my business and it is! - WendiePett - WendiePett Enterprises.

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