Jakit® - The Future In iPhone Accessories

Jakit® is a new iPhone accessories for residents of the USA which combines a hard case with retractable headphones for hands free use as well as fantastic sound quality.

Jakit® IPhone Accessory Storming The US Market!
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A new and innovative iPhone accessory has just been launched to the US consumer market, which once fitted, need never be removed.
Jakit®, which combines a hard case and high quality, tangle-free, retractable, noise cancelling earphones - has a unique feature which means it can be worn permanently.

The product, which has taken two years to develop, test and manufacture, will initially only be available for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S. However, the company behind Jakit® is in the process of creating Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 versions.

One of the key features of Jakit® is the patented Jack fitting, which allows the smartphone to be normal, hands-free, and with the earphones engaged, all with the flick of a switch. And, additionally, it will still allow Bluetooth functionality.

A spokesperson for Piggyback, the company behind Jakit®, said: "The beauty of Jakit® is that it is one accessory you will never have to remove.

"A great deal of thought has gone into the design of the product, not only to ensure that it looks fantastic, but that it also offers great features at a great price.

"Ask yourself how many times have you fished into your bag or pockets for your earphones only to find them in a tangled mess? Ask yourself another question, how many times have you left your earphones behind?

"With Jakit® they are always attached, they never tangle and they automatically retract back into the case.

"With the added features that allow the smartphone to be used whichever you like, we are confident that our Jakit® will become a must-have accessory for your smartphone."

Jakit® is exclusively available online at www.jakitstore.com at a price of $59.99 with free shipping!

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