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Jaipuria, Jaipur Hosts First National Inter-College Sports Meet

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur focuses on the holistic development of an individual instead of providing academic input alone. Sports are a large part of this effort.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur focuses on the holistic development of an individual instead of providing academic input alone. Sports are a large part of this effort, which were once again brought to the fore by way of a two-day Inter-college National Sports meet, organised on the 25th and 26th of August, 2012.

The days were chosen to coincide with and to commemorate the birth anniversary of Major Dhyanchand - the greatest hockey player India has ever seen. August 29th is celebrated as Sports Day in India in remembrance of the dedicated and talented player.

550 students from 26 different institutes across the country participated in the meet from places as far afield as Bikaner, Noida and Lucknow, along with institutes from Jaipur. These included Parishkar College, IIIM, Amity University ICG, IRM, R A Poddar College, Canodia and Commerce College.

Jaipuria Jaipur spared no effort to prepare for this event. The organising committee was on its toes, especially in the last 15 days leading up to the event. Director, Dr. Rajiv R. Thakur, inaugurated the sports meet with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. This was followed by a March Past by all the teams. After the national anthem, the games were declared open.

In his address, Dr. Thakur said, "We affirm our faith in learning through this sports meet. Organising various events helps us in our resolve to provide an experiential learning platform to our students". He also thanked all the teams for participating and making the event a success. The coordinator of the sports meet, Prof. Lokesh Vijayvargy, also spoke to the sportspersons and encouraged all teams to keep their spirits high and enjoy the two-day event with true sportsman spirit.

A significant fact about the meet was the huge number of conventional events like Volley Ball, Chess, Carrom, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Kho-kho, Shot Put and the Lemon Race, which made this meet stand out from popular sports tournaments involving cricket, football and hockey. The young generation was in for a surprise - "There was an exciting palette of traditional games on the one hand, where college showed its respect for our culture, and on the other hand were "Cyber Games", keeping the youngsters' craze in mind!" said Sagar Agarwal, a PGDM student.

The second day of the meet saw the semifinals and finals. The games were extremely competitive and both, the teams and individuals, set high standards and displayed sportsman spirit. The surprise of the event was the way the girls performed! They competed neck-and-neck with boys and even won some games where the crowd expected the boys to win.

Dr. M. S. Chundawat - Director, Department of Physical Education, University of Rajasthan, was the chief guest for the valedictory function that was held on the second day. He appreciated the efforts of Jaipuria Jaipur in providing a platform for the sports talent of the region.

Dr. Thakur handed out the awards to all the winners and reiterated that the meet was the beginning of events and programmes like this one on campus. Co-coordinator of the sports meet, Prof. Lokesh Vijayvargy, brought the meet to a close with the delivery of the vote of thanks.

The winners were:

Game Boys Girls

Volley Ball Parishkar ICG

Badminton Singles Manipal College YIT

Badminton Doubles YIT YIT

Table-Tennis Amity ICG

Kho-Kho R A Poddar R A Poddar

Chess Amity Maharani College

Discus Throw R A Poddar ICG

Cyber Game IIMET Carrom

Amity FMS-IRM Lemon Race

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow R A Poddar Shot Put

YIT Banasthali Vidyapeeth

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